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Okay, but first (5 cant miss activities in) Paris

The Top 5 must do activities in Paris.


Sip Cafe Creme (It's an espresso topped with milky foam)

at the famous Le Saint-Regis.

First, be sure to grab a bistro table & chair(s) outside; the people watching in this spot is the best and if you are lucky there might also be a street performer playing music adding to the irresistible ambiance of this cafe. Order the the Croque Madame or Eggs Benedict.

“Paris is not a city, it's a world.”


Take a Boat tour down the Seine.

If you can do this tour on your very first day in Paris. It will give you a lay of the land, direction, and a bit of history! Not to mention its very beautiful and a relaxing activity to enjoy after a long day of travel.

I recommend using to book all your tickets/attractions/tours ahead of time, the app makes it super easy to do this on the go! You will save so much time and money this way! The best part- not waiting in LINE because, who wants to go on vacation and wait in line for hours everyday?!

Siene boat tour


Le Marais- Shopping!

This little pocket of Paris has the most unique shops. Handmaid frocks, candy shops, shoes, homewares and more. It was the least commercialized shopping area I visited. I loved the curvy streets, secret nooks and crannys of this area all cobblestoned filled with charm. This neighborhood also has some of the best crepes I had in Paris at La Droguerie du Marais.


Laugh your way through the Lourve!

Literally! On a solo trip to Paris I signed up for a guided tour through the Louvre. The tour was lead by a comedian/art historian. It sounds a little strange but it was wildly entertaining. He was funny and very knowledgable! Together with a small group ( 4/5 people, which was perfect size) we saw the top 10 "must sees" in the Louvre. He guided us swiftly through the museum, like an absolute pro! It's like he knew EVERY stair way, elevator and secret passage, making our visit extremely efficient. This museum is HUGE and you could spend days even weeks going through it all but if you only have (or my case, want to) spend a few hours, learn some great facts, laugh, and see some of the best/top art and sculpture peices I couldn't recommend this tour more. Again, I used the viator app to prebook this, allows you to skip the line (the lines are VERY long at Louvre)- so all in all totally worth it!

Louvre Paris


Visit the most colorful street in Paris!

Rue Crémieux stands out in a sea of cream buildings that make up Paris. This street is a dream scene and the most INSTAGRAM-ABLE (thats a word right?!) place in Paris! Warning- it is just one street but worth a stroll for the smiles and happy cheerfulness it'll bring to your heart, or at least thats how I felt!




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