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Wanna be here...? Me too!

Winter is in full force this week and I know I'm not the only one dreaming of a tropical vacay! Amidst a global pandemic, travel has been limited.... confusing and dangerous at times... It is hard to decide IF/WHEN to travel, and to each their own if you feel comfortable traveling, I say do it! Just be safe and follow the guidelines.

And that is just what I did a few months ago. I did my research and took a trip to one of the most BEAUTIFUL places on earth, the U.S. Virgin Islands!

Here's what you need to know before you go....

  1. Visit the USVI Travel portal for the most up to date travel information for visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands. This site will have the most up-to-date information, should my suggestions in this post be different from the website.

  2. Get a COVID test and receive NEGATIVE results 5 days before you travel. They also allow you to use a POSITIVE antibody test to enter the islands. I quarantined myself 5 days before taking the COVID test to be sure I hadn't been exposed.

  3. Fill out the forms in the portal and print them. Also, print your test results. When you de-board your flight after landing in the Virgin Islands the process will be quick and easy if you have everything printed and ready to handoff. Travelers who had not done this spent a lot more time in line after de-boarding (no thank you).

  4. Wear your mask when you can't be 6ft away from people outside, wash your hands, follow the rules listed at each place you visit. The people who live in St Thomas and St John where I visited, are very diligent in taking precautions to not spread germs. A large outbreak on an island could be devastating to their population. They also rely on tourism to survive financially. So, wear your mask, wash your hands, socially distance yourself from others and tip big!!

  5. A new guideline since I traveled to the Islands is you must get tested 1-3 days before returning back home. Find more details from the cdc.

More to come on where to stay and what to do when visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands!




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